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Already disadvantaged, these are some of our most vulnerable children, often they get no education, or a couple of hours of home tuition or their parents doing their best to educate at home. Currently when a child suffers acutely, often developing severe mental health problem due to school environment parents (already under pressure) are often threatened with prosecution and bullied in an effort to force them to force their very vulnerable child into school. This often results in already vulnerable young people more suffering severe mental health issues, depression, panic attacks, self-harm, suicidal ideation, suicide attempts and becoming at risk of harm. The whole experience leaves families in despair.

Children who are unable to attend school due to short or long term illness but feel able and wish to participate in some or all of their school lessons should be allowed to in order to lessen the impact of their illness on their future. Many find engaging with learning therapeutic and aids their recovery, they feel connected and more focused on their ambitions for the future. Those who are suspended or expelled should not be further distanced from a positive future by not having access to their teacher’s lessons.

Elluminate can illuminate lives both of the young person and the family in despair. It helps greatly to restore hope, confidence, self-esteem, as they re-engage improved mental health, choices in how many subjects they can manage, optimism and choices for their future. Elluminate can help restore equality of education and opportunity to those young people most disadvantaged simply by the click on a link to a classroom.

Submission given to the Minister of Education in August 2013 - to Explain Why we Need Elluminate (click button below)

Everyone can do something to help via press, or elected representatives locally or regionally, raise awareness or lobby for change.


If you are an organisation or an individual who has some particular skills or resouces which may help - please get in touch with us.

Help Us Please

Urgently, we cannot delay the delivery of this to young people in need. Those who are out of school are getting little or nothing by way of education, this having a huge negative impact on already vulnerable people, their wellbeing, their futures and their families. We must Elluminate their lives as a priority. Every month of their young lives they do not get the education they need and deserve impacts negatively on them, their families and their future.

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