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Elluminate Ourlives Campaign group are a newly forming and growing group of parents whose children are out of school, or at risk of leaving school before they complete their primary or secondary education. Our children are those who are ill, have disabilities or other conditions that mean they are unable to attend school or are suffering acutely within the school setting and may need to be removed by parents to end their intense distress as parents observe their health declining.



We have come together to campaign to tell people about Elluminate and to ask the government to sort out the problems blocking young people from accessing this critical lifeline to their education and thus their future.

We are linking with parents in need across NI and setting up groups and a campaign Enabler for each Education and Library board area in Northern Ireland.

Currently most of those joining the new group are those with children who have a diagnosis of Autism in particular Asperger syndrome and those with cancer; we are also aware of many young people with long term illness and who wish to connect to learning but are currently being blocked or not offered the facility we seek. What we are asking for is just as relevant for any child unable to attend school due to any illness, or other factor preventing them from attending such as suspension, or expulsion or children from the travelling community, or those who had to opt for home schooling by necessity and they or their children may wish to access teachers and the curriculum.


 Young people who cannot attend school because they are ill, or have a disability or cannot cope with school due to sensory issues and are not at school. Those who are in school and suffering acutely due to school environment in order to get their education, some are suicidal, others have anorexia, others with disabilities coming home regularly bruised or devastated by the bullying they are suffering in school, often resulting in suicide attempts and sadly sometime completing suicide. Young people who are suspended or expelled as they could not manage their behaviour in school often due to undiagnosed disabilities. Such young people are 70% more likely to end up in youth justice system. 80% of those in prison have often undiagnosed learning disabilities or autistic spectrum disorder.

What the WELB say about C2k on their website ........."This access to learning is particularly helpful to pupils unable to attend school because of illness, severe weather conditions or prolonged absence........"


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