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Nobody knows about Elluminate! Only a small handful of the children in need are getting it.  It’s not being offered to those who need it. Some unions are still blocking it since last September – but it is not the union’s responsibility to educate our children –it is ELBs.  This is not the priority it should be. These are our most vulnerable children in NI, there is no point of contact for parents who need it for their children, and they are meeting a brick wall when they ask for it. Some in the Education and Library boards think it’s a summer scheme. Many teachers have never heard of it so how can they provide for a child absent from their class? The financial impact of failing these children and creating an avoidable dependence of benefits, and adding to their vulnerability is immense. The solution is funded, resourced and effective – but not being made available.


Please go to our home page and see the section 'What We Want the Government to do' - We need this done urgently.


Join us on facebook at Elluminate Ourlives, learn more, add us as a friend, let people know, if you need it, ask for it, if you encounter problems,  let us know. Share your experiences anonymously by private message, if you wish.  Or, volunteer to help; supporting other parents of vulnerable children in their quest for Elluminate, raising awareness, lobbying government, writing to the Minister of Education and communicating locally. If you have any particular skills or resources you can offer please let us know. Maybe your child is in school and doing fine – please remember children do well if they can and not all children can manage, please help us help the most vulnerable ones in need of their education just as much as yours.


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