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Elluminate is computer software programme that has the capacity, among other functions, to allow a child to access their school classroom or other learning centre from their home computer or computer outside of school or in school - anywhere. C2 K's Elluminate was made available to all primary post primary and special schools in September 2011 and training was offered to all schools between September and December 2011 and remains available to all schools which require it. The video conferencing / collaboration facility of Elluminate provides a variety of online e-learning opportunities to staff and pupils. This could be to link to educational events, to link to a different teacher in another school and to offer tuition to pupils outside mainstream school settings at home.



According to C2k 618 primary/ post primary schools received training in Elluminate with a total of 1,265 staff trained (in Sept-Dec 2011)



 For example it has been used for; connecting to a book launch, connecting to an event and resources, to deliver training and for a number of pupils within EOTAS (Education other than at school) settings in Newry / Craigavon district have been using Elluminate for tutoring / home schooling. It is also being currently used by a pupil of a grammar school who is based at home to connect to live lessons.



Elluminate can be used to open up the classroom to pupils who are at home for example a pupil who is recovering from an illness can be linked to their classes by the teacher who is based at school.


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