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We are the parents of invisible children.


Children who are  Out of school and out of mind.

We and our children seek equality of access to education.


If they are ill,  differently abled, and for what ever other reason cannot manage to attend the school enviroment they are still children who will do well if they can and need access to education.

We represent some of the most vulnerable and disadvantaged children in Northern Ireland.

We wont rest until all children who cant manage school for short, medium or long term have this option.

Many of us are parents who have given up work to become full time carers for our children in need. Some can continue work but we all have huge often exhausting work with young people who need extra help, time and energy.


We need you to help us to get education for our children. Please talk to your local press, let people in need know this exists. Let people know what we need. Talk to your MLA, your local Councillors, and your MP. Ask them to raise the issue. John O'Dowd is Minister for Education he needs to act now. Every month our children are without education impacts negatively on their future and discriminates against them due to no fault of their own or their family.  We need solutions now.


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