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John O'Dowd announces £170 million for C2K -Elluminate providers


BBC News NI School Computer "Lifeline for Sick Pupils" Barely Used

Maggie Taggart BBC launches campaign in May 2013 with this report


Is Anyone Listening?

Many of the parents in crisis coming forward in search of help and hope are those with a child with aspergers, a form of autism. Read more to understand what life is like for them.



Who are C2K? Who were funded to provide Elluminate?

This is a link to their website



Elluminate - What is it like? How does it work?

Use this link to find out more -!/?id=418

Please note many children dont wish to use the camera option



What WELB NI C2K Hosts say about the Project;

"making it easier for children to access learning resources inside and outside the school environment. This access to learning is particularly helpful to pupils unable to attend school because of illness, severe weather conditions or prolonged absence"    (We say -  Yes Please! When?)


Guidance Given to NI SENCOs

This is a link link to NI Education Departmental Resource file for schools, school manager's and boards there is a section on ICT for inclusion- if a child cant attend - use Elluminate to link from home.

This links to PDF and takes a while to download but tells you what your school should be doing


Virtual Schooling In Action Proving Successful Outcomes for

  • Bullied

  • Disaffected

  • EBD (Emotional/Behavioural)

  • Excluded

  • In Care/Looked after

  • Learning Difficulties

  • Medical Illness

  • SAM/Pregnant

  • School Refuser/School Phobic

  • Traveller

Their website states the children participating via virtual learning were achieving higher than in mainstream


The Nisai Learning Virtual School


What happens many young people are failed by the current system?

One recent study showed that over 60% of children in the criminal justice system have a communication disability and, of this group, around half have poor or very poor communication skills (Bryan, Freer and Furlong, 2007).


Read more about the need to provide accessible, flexible and effective education for young people in need - rather than failing them when they cant cope with school due to  medical or behavioural issues, if they are school refusers, school phobic, autistic, bullied, gifted and talented, young offenders, excluded, suspended, expelled, or traveller children.

Seen and Heard Report


No One Knows Report


The Link between Suicide Prevention and Elluminate Provision!latest-news/ckm8


Lifelong Impacts when Children Leave School Early and get little Education

This report shows the impact of leaving school early and not getting a full basic education -more likely unemployed and longer terms of unemployment, earn less and over represented below poverty line, poor levels of numeracy and literacy, poor mental health, females more likely to marry and become mothers, esp single mothers at an earlier age, and over represented in prison and drug treatment populations.


The Needs of Children with Cancer - 90% suffering disruption of education due to cancer


The Impact on Parents 

also is shown this report by NAS on Autism and Education as it highlights 90 families ongoing battle  in 200/2003 the shortfalls of an inadequate system.  One parent said "We found the implementation process extremely stressful, coping with and caring for my daughter and the stress of going through the statementing procedure affected my mental health. I had to be put on medication by my GP. I feel that parents with special needs children should not have to cope with the added stress of dealing with an LEA who cannot be bothered to educate your child. I dread ever having to go through anything like this again"


The search for People who think Differently -

 Why we should educate those who don't  always fit in schools....


Identity Theft? of some of our Young People?


Nothing is Impossible - Everything is Possible when Education becomes Accessible



An International Appraisal of Vitual Schools and Colleges


and from Visced a little video from Ireland


European Distance and E Learning Network exists to share knowledge and improve understanding amongst professionals in distance and e-learning and to promote policy and practice across the whole of Europe and beyond.



Local Authorities in England Listened to ME sufferers and Developed


Ensuring Good Education for Children Who Cannot attend school due to Health Needs

see the link from this vitual school site (£18,000 for 5 GCSEs!) (We cant afford this)



Read Viola's Recipe for Success in Education



Potential to Really make a Difference in Health and Wellbeing

A growing trend on line learning,  with huge potential to work together with Elluminate and create

some compensation for the huge gaps in autism services and support and better understanding of

different abilities  - see online learning  can you see the potential?


Is your Child still in School but Struggling?

Could you get your child's school to take time to look at this site?

Children do well if they can. Some children may still not cope and parents know best when to call a halt - but this is the best hope for compassionate solutions


Home Education


Under EU law Article 2 Protocol 1 provides:

"No person shall be denied the right to education. In the exercise of any functions which it assumes in relation to education and teaching, the state shall respect the rights of parents to ensure such education and teaching in conformity with their own religious and philosophical convictions".


Education and Libraries Northern Ireland Order 1986 SI 1986/594  Section 45 states;

1. The parent of every child of compulsory school age shall cause him to receive efficient full-time education suitable to his age, ability and aptitude and to any special educational needs he may have, either by regular attendance at school or otherwise.



Your right to de register and home educate your child


Legal Info on your rights in Northern Ireland and Network in NI


Note- Info in Press Release on why in experience of home educator org in NI, people choose home education.


Somerset Local Gov advice for those Home Educating

which recognises vitual schools - but they are private, remote and expensive whilst Elluminate is local, government run and fully funded.



About Different and New Ideas in Education.

NI Government, we want to teach our children to think. Think for themselves, think outside the box. Please do not be afraid to think about education.  Elluminate is actually still very formal compared to lots of ideas. But different can be great!


Charles Leadbeater: Education Innovation in the Slums


Salman Khan: Let's use Video to Reinvent Education


10 Start Ups that are Shaping the Future of Education


Why I Home school? Sir Ken Robinson - Multiple Intelligences



Home School Videos

Homeschool: Propaganda Vs. Reality (Shattering the myths)


The Dangers of Home Schooling!


A-Z Home’s Schooling Across the World

Ann Zeise is your guide to the best and most interesting and useful articles, blogs, resources, and websites about home schooling and for home education on the web.


Benefits of home schooling your kids


Uk Short Film Home Education What is it all about?


Famous People who were Home Schooled



If You Need Some Help

Send us a private message on facebook or email us and we will see what we can do.


If I am in Difficulty with an ELB or School who else can I talk to who Knows about this?

Liam in the Children's Law Centre


Or Colette in NICCY



To Make Life a Little Easier in the mean time...

Need a little help or resouces to share with your teen on an issue?


A-z of Issues Parents may need help with


If you need support re an issue with social services


Getting your school to understand and resouces for your school if your child is on autistic spectrum


If you are also dealing with challenging behaviour





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