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Urgent needs of children by Parents  May 2013 – a sample of cases coming to Elluminate Our Lives in the last month since facebook page established.


Parent 1

Girl 15, out of school 6 months, rare form of cancer, schedule for bone marrow transplant. Grade A student who wants to study and get her GCSEs only being offered  a couple of hours home tuition in a couple of subjects. Needs Elluminate option.


Parent 2

Girl 15, out of school one year, aspergers, specific learning disabilities, other health issues,  severe sensory issues with noise, proximity of others, need for symmetry all around her,  social interactions totally confusing, misunderstanding, misinterpreting, acutely bullied, pushed out in front of car, hung upside down, isolated, humiliated by staff and pupils, several panic attacks a day in school, came out of school not wanting to live, non-verbal, hugging knees in a corner, totally withdrawn.  Suffering post-traumatic stress due to school, selected isolation at home in recovery. Parents under severe pressure to force her to engage with services she is refusing to engage with. Close to de registering to stop pressure to allow child her space to recover. This child will never return to school.  Need Elluminate to function to stop pressure and allow to get education.


Parent 3

Boy 16, Aspergers difficultly attending since 12 yrs old, missed most of school, offered 2 hours a week home tuition in Maths and English to get his entire GCSEs,  leaving with nothing, going to try technical college parents seriously worried in case it does not work. Needs Elluminate option.


Parent 4

Three children, two teen boys and girl aged 11 all on Autistic Spectrum.  Boys suffered extreme bullying in school. Girl 11 suffered acute anxiety and stress and came out of school as could not cope.  School principal / senco told them 95% of children with ASD don’t need help or statement.  Psychologist said just try to get into any school. Education welfare service took parents to court, misrepresented and took no account of Autism, Neither EWS nor did judge know anything about Autism. Parents feeling extremely harassed and distressed back in court again soon.  Need Elluminate options.


Parent 5

Girl aged 13 out of school, autistic spectrum, acutely bullied, locked in school locker, completely isolated in school, became very unwell, close to nervous breakdown, needs elluminate to function for her.


Parent 6

Girl 14 out of school 2 years,  Aspergers, dyslexia, dyspraxia, dyscalculia,  suffers panic attacks, anxiety,  Offered 6 hrs home tuition towards her GCSEs but child refused now.  Parent trying to teach her child 2 GCSEs as no other option.  Parent suffering threat of EWO who are threatening to take her to court to force child back into school. Statement issued now experts trying to put her back into school in September.  Child is now in extreme distress and not sleeping, wont come out of her room – in response to being forced to school. Very distressed family need Elluminate option now.


Parent 7

Case in Omagh area from ASD support group re boy out of school with autism getting just 4 hrs home tuition. Needs Elluminate option


Parent 8

Boy aged 12  Autistic spectrum  diagnosed at 3 probably aspergers, parents removed him from school after he was left unsupervised  in quiet room in school for 8 weeks. Child had become distressed, withdrawn and suicidal. Parents de registered him from school, going to try another option but need Elluminate as an option.


Parent 9

5 yr old boy with autism removed from school by parents as school was so bad. Need Elluminate as an option.


Parent 10

Girl 10yrs old, no friends at all in school and suffering. Extreme sensory issues, esp re paper and clothes in extreme distress, meltdowns everyday, chewing holes in clothes. Suspect ASD.  Severe problems re autism and CAMHs services, social worker sent to try to sort child and failed. Child wanting to die, threatening to jump out of window GP having to prescribe diazepam. Needs Elluminate option.


Parent 11

Boy 14, out of school, three years, got just 4 hours home tuition. Parents struggled to pay for home tuition support, efforts to get him back into school. Parents frustrated, helpless and isolated need Elluminate as an option.



Within the first two weeks of this campaign we have become aware of these and several other cases, children ill at home or in hospital, waiting on treatment or diagnoses or in recovery, wanting to get access to learning but being refused due to unions, and lack of provison by ELBs.  Most parents not knowing about it.



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